Fallen out of favour?

It looks like I've dropped out of anthropology blogrolls. Not me specifically, but my blogthis blog. It was once on "top ten blog" lists. Now, I doubt you'll find it listed anywhere. I'm not surprised. Although the blog continues to attract thousands of visitors to specific posts, I haven't updated it much in recent years. I always say I need to take it down, but then I never do. This blog is now ten years old. It should be given heritage status. Nice to keep it going, just for the sake of longevity. Sure, it develops mould from time to time. And almost nobody bothers to leave comments. So it's kind of dead. But I'm not. And it's nice to have an outlet to post notices whenever something needs to be noticed. Like the 12th International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies, which I'm convening in Penang next year. So, the blog will whimper on.

For nostalgia's sake, here are some mastheads I've used over the years: