Looking at People and Natures

Looking at picturesLooking at People and Natures | 2Batek looking at People and natures / Hommes et natures / Seres humanos y naturalezas (Motte-Florac, Aumeeruddy-Thomas, and Dounias, eds., IRD Éditions, Marseille, 2012). I contributed a photo of naʔAyok (hidden behind the kids, left) to the book. She was pleased with it. They narrated the circumstances of the photo to each other, recalled the day it was shot, identified all the in-focus plants and palms, corrected each other's knowledge.

The women (bottom photo) complained that they couldn't get a look in edgeways; the kids monopolized the book and refused to get out of the way. Everybody was fascinated by the different plants and animals shown in the book, turned to me to identify unfamiliar shapes and textures, and gave their own names to those species that resembled ones found in Batek forest. Much talk about hairstyles and dress, and comparing different ways of decorating the body, and of food procurement.

I left the book with them.