Community Street Walkabout with Eric Loh

Photos from the Community Street Walkabout (Living Museum programme of this year's George Town Heritage Festival in Penang). I posted an announcement of this talk before it happened (here). Just haven't had time to upload the photos until now!

The guide for the Walkabout was Eric Loh, a George Town resident. He took us around the streets where he grew up and shared some lovely childhood photos to illustrate his stories.

Community Street Walkabout with Eric Loh | 1 by Lye Tuck-Po

Eric is holding up a photo of himself as a toddler; I think the playground no longer exists.

Community Street Walkabout with Eric Loh | 2

We've stopped in front of a Chettiar scrap-picking business and the photo on display is one of mine. It shows four generations of the Chettiar family that runs the business. Generations 1 and 2 have long passed on: they're represented by family photos on the wall. Generation 3, the then-owner, packed up and returned to India soon after these festivities. He turned the business over to a cousin. Generation 4 is his nephew, still a young man.

Community Street Walkabout with Eric Loh | 3

That's Cannon Street with Acheh Mosque in the background. Quite a trial photographing this scene, with lots of stray pedestrians wandering up and down.