So I was checking the stats for this blog, and found that I had been "tweeted" this week. I don't tweet (and I don't have Facebook) but I'm always interested in social networking tools and how they can be used to popularise anthropology. Off I went to check the Twitter site.

A quick search led me to tweeter Anthroworks, which in turn led me to the Anthroworks blog, a project of the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) research and policy program of the Elliott School of International Affairs of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. This blog aims to, among other objectives, "provide an important place for highlighting what is new and important in anthropology and how anthropology connects to important current affairs" -- a worthy goal indeed. The blogger is Barbara Miller, a fellow anthropologist. Scrolling down her tweets, I discovered Popular Anthropology magazine, which I'd never heard of before. And now I'm thinking I might have an article to submit to that magazine.

With thanks to Barbara Miller!


  1. Hi there, still riding a pushbike? Miss bumping into you! :-)

  2. The MOUNTAIN bike, if you please. It and I have both become flabby. Living by the side of a narrow twisty coastal road with plenty of dead corners and crazy drivers -- doesn't feel safe pedalling around like I used to.

    I was looking at my old KKB photos. I do miss that town. 7 years went by very fast!


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