Books and stuff

Books and stuff
Books and stuff, a photo by Lye Tuck-Po on Flickr

I shot this photo less than 2 months before I packed up the house in KKB and moved to Penang (2010)... stuff on the shelves was getting all jumbled up. Books; pottery from Japan and the US; a solar lantern; disk drive; digital voice recorder....

Books: some crime novels by Laura Joh Rowland and Dorothy L. Sayers; Roald Dahl's Boyhood; Kenzaburo Oe's memoir of life with his autistically gifted son; random anthropology textbooks (I later donated some of the "randomly useless" titles to the university library); Catherine Lutz's ethnography of a US military base; Tarquin Olivier's travel tales (I'd read it when very very young; when I saw this copy in a 2ndhand shop in the US, it was like finding an old friend I never wanted to lose again); Agnes Keith's memoir of Sabah before the Second World War, Land Below the Wind; Pascal Khoo Thwee's Land of the Green Ghosts; Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimes.

In KKB, there wasn't that much to do at night. I often whiled away the night hours playing with the camera, learning how to use different settings. This photo apparently was an attempt to see what photos shot with very high ISO (2500) look like.