Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Batek then and now (IV): Boys into men

Boys into men | 3Siblings

He has grown into a graceful young man, but in my mind he is still the baby (right, on his sister's back) who called "Bo!' to bring me to his side. He says he remembers nothing of those times, but I wouldn't expect him to.

Boys into men | 2B1995 08b-02

ʔeyCǝpɨk lacing his blowpipe darts with poison (left) and doing exactly the same thing 16 years ago (above). Back then he was a bundle of energy, full of activity and always tearing around the forest with the other boys. This was my first sight of him since 1996.

B1999 4-14b bw Boys into men | 1

Another reminder of how much time has passed. Last seen on this blog as a two-year-old digging with his toy, he is now a gangling teenager, nearly 16 years old. It seems that I saw him almost every year until he was seven, and nine years have passed since then. I have little sense of his personality as a young man. How do such long absences happen? Well, my trips were brief; I didn't have time to search for people. I'd be visiting one place and people like him would be far away in other parts of the forest. It's good to catch up and be reminded of how people's lives are changing.

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