Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Self with Cantek and naʔAmit

Over six months since I've posted anything in this blog. Well, I've been busy... Here's the most recent field photo: with baby Cantek and his aunt naʔAmit in Taman Negara last week (photo by Phillip Endicott).

Self with Cantek & naAmit

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hi-jinks in the lean-to

Act it up
Sometimes I do wonder if my little friends have a pact among themselves, "Quick, start acting cute! Anthropologist coming!" Batek children in Taman Negara, 2013

Weavers of the forest

Weaving 1

Weaving 2A mother knows how it's done. naʔSarik (top left) was weaving miniature baskets for her boys, who had demanded to have their own fruit-storing containers. Her mother showed her how to make the bends. Later (left) I found her weaving a mat.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

At home in Taman Negara

Way too busy to do more than post a token few photos. Here's one of an old friend in Taman Negara.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

More Batek photos

Young couple in a boat, Taman Negara, 2014. The last time you might have seen him, he was laughing heartily on a fallen tree trunk, here.

Mother and son, Taman Negara, 2014. I don't have an earlier one for comparison, but the photo below shows how HE was imprinted in my memory for close to 15 years. He is her youngest.

  B1996 13b-06
Boy in Taman Negara, 1996. In those days he spent many hours chasing his siblings round and round, running away from a pesky anthropologist, creating havoc with a big knife, or perched atop his father's shoulders.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Get me off this rock!

Get me off this rock | 1
Boy perches on big stone, holds out his arms for a lift back to the lean-to...
Get me off this rock | 2
It is granted, but not without motherly grumbles. He can walk, after all. I'm tickled by the look of exhaustion on his face. The other photos in the series show that he had done absolutely nothing but perch on the stone, peering suspiciously at the water.

I've been observing Batek children a lot for a paper on social learning, based initially on stuff I did for my doctoral work so many years ago, now being confirmed and updated. It's been great to see all the classic behaviour patterns still going strong... including parental patience with childish demands on their time (and back).

I've known naʔDaduʔ since—as she and her sisters stressed repeatedly—we were young together. The first time I met the boy last week, he was fussing over something or other. "Whose child is that?" I asked. "It's my son—he's horrible," she replied. "Is he now?" I replied with scholarly interest. "Come over here so I can see whether you're good or bad." She repeated my words to the boy. He considered this proposition warily for a moment, then looked at his mother and released a big wide grin that reminded me of his mother, grandmother, and grandfather all at once.

After another bout of childish tantrum I suggested that we sell him to the tourists. "If they will have him," his aunt naʔTəkuʔ replied seriously. "Who knows, he may be so bad that tourists wouldn't want him." He heard us, but paid no attention.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

In a rainforest camp

Stills captured from video clips:
A patch of sun
A glimpse of the sky: Batek camp along the Ruwil river, Taman Negara national park, 15/3/14

 Inside a child's toy house
Inside a little girl's toy lean-to, but the "bed" is not big enough for parties. Truly a scaled down model of a grown-up lean-to. Excellent copy of construction details.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ruwil camp, Taman Negara

The camp at Ruwil, Taman Negara. A lovely location, near where I camped with the same group in 1996.

My gang. The youngest wasn't even born when I met this cohort for the first time in 2010. Now she's surging past her Terrible Twos and entering her Chattering Threes. This being my first evening back with them, they gathered round in a circle and whispered their secrets into my ears. I thought it was quite sweet.

The littlest Batek | 3

B2014-0113 Now 14 months old, and growing fast. "She recognises her parents' voices but can't really talk yet," said her mother. It won't be long now. She clearly understands a lot more than she lets on.  Previously shown here and here.

From boy to man

B1998 02-08Mother and son in 1998 (left) and in 2014 (sharing a joke in the background, below). He's shot up like a weed in the last year or so.